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Major themes for workshop and speeches by Francesco Bellissimo

Francesco Bellissimo’s workshops are flexible depending on participants’ needs. A variety of food related topics are available and adjustable in categories, complexities, and session numbers.
For example, sessions popular with women are a mix of cooking lessons and table manners. The goal is to learn how to make dishes that can be easily made at home and gain knowledge on etiquette.
For the more mature and sophisticated participants, history and culture related programs are available. Sessions include learning about Italy’s culture and historical heritages, useful phrases for travel, how to choose the best suited wine and cheese to enjoy with meals and many other topics to aid full enjoyment of life after retirement. These programs can be tailored to meet participants’ interests and desires.


Examples of programs
Program 1 Appreciating and enjoying food "Grazie!"

Genre: Food education

Target audience: Educational institutions

A fun program to learn about the importance of food through cooking and think about environmental issues, culinary culture and health while doing so.

Program 2 Making Italian food with "Japanese" ingredients

Genre: Food education

Target audience: Educational institutions

Japanese foods such as tofu (bean curd), natto (fermented soy beans), konnyaku (yam based gel) and wasabi (horse radish) are well known to be healthy.
In this program you will learn how to cook Italian recipes with these healthy Japanese ingredients.?

Program 3 Direct transmission from Bellissimo, "Buon Giorno" to new dishes!

Genre: Sales promotion

Target audience: Producers of food and cooking utensils

Mainly for encouraging sales increase and recommended for manufacturers. Bellissimo will concoct delectable dishes using food products that food manufacturers wish to promote. This program is not just limited to food manufactures, but can also be extended to kitchenware ?and cooking utensil s makers ? Francesco will develop menus to make their products more appealing.

Program 4 The business person’s art of attraction

Genre: Business improvement

Target audience: Corporations

Having nobody to depend on and unable to speak Japanese, Bellissimo arrived to Japan alone. Now, there is not a day that goes by where he does not appear on TV, magazines or other forms of media. But to get this far, he went through quite an ordeal. Starting off as a complete nobody, he strived and prospered thanks to his skills to invite and attract. “Would you like to work with me?” “Would you publish my cookbook?” He survived because he was assertive and active, grabbing any opportunity that came his way.
“The business person’s art of attraction”is a book based on none other than Bellissimo’s own experiences. “The art of inviting” is a lecture formed on that publication. The book is filled with Bellissimo’s powerful messages;“Lunch, business and romance, everything in life starts with a vocal invitation.” “Nothing starts by simply waiting.” “Let’s learn “the art of attraction” and go out in the world”.

Program 5 Basic Italian "table manners"

Genre: Italian culture and manners

Target audience: Board of education/business

Italian table manners taught by Bellissimo. This delightful program starts off by asking “why do we need to have proper table manners?” and will explain how it is important to follow etiquettes in order to make an eating experience pleasant. After this brief explanation comes the actual usage of the cutlery to learn how to use the basic fork set. We learn the order of the courses, how to choose dishes, and details to bear in mind while eating. This session is aimed at people hoping to learn common knowledge required of adults and even aspiring to become world class global citizens.

Program 6 Dressed to seduce

Genre: Fashion

Target audience: Educational institutions /fashion businesses

Bellissimo is known as a cooking expert, TV personality, model, business man and has many other faces. He is an expert on fashion as he is in cooking. He has many tips for both gender; he can teach men to be magnetic and women to be alluring both exterior and interior.
His advice is based on Italian fashion and lifestyle and his own experiences. He will teach what attractive men are really made of and how women can be more appealing by advising on nail, hairstyle, make up, manners, choice of lingerie, perfume, lifestyles and many other factors. His knowledge on fashion and lifestyle are based on his background and are easy to understand.


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