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Billionaire Inc. is a television production, consulting firm and cooking events agency headquartered in Tokyo.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1@Are there any costs aside from the consulting fee?

The following 3 are the required payments to our establishment.

1. Consulting fee

2. Transportation cost

3. Hotel fee (when lodgment is required)

Fee for fliers, fly boards and renewals are not inclusive in the consulting fee. Please pay those fees separately to companies that specialize in them.

There are some consulting companies that limit visits to 3 or 4 times a year. Is it similar with your company?

No, We are able to adjust the number of visits depending on our clientsf needs.

Concerning novice intellectuals and foreign TV personality auditions.

At Billionaire Co. Ltd we are constantly holding auditions for new faces. Please read the requirements thoroughly and send the documents by mail (post).

Application requirements: Open to all over the age of 20 (TV personality, model, intellectual, all genres welcome) Individuals who are not already signed with other production companies, record companies or publishers. If you are sending an application on behalf of someone, please make sure you have that personfs consent before sending us the application.

How to apply: Send your resume (requires height and weight) with 2 photos (whole body and headshot) attached on the back. * For those who have special talents, please write in the talent and skills section of the resume. Please do not send videos or recordings with your resume.

Where to send your application: 3-14-31 Shimoochiai Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 161-0033 Japan Billionaire INC. Novice Talent Development Group

Due date: We do not set due dates for our auditions. Please send your documents when they are ready.

Screening process:

1. Resume screening (notification by phone or mail to those who pass this step)

2. Additional documents screening

3. Interview

Please note: * All documents sent will not be returned. * Mail all required documents, do not bring them in person. * Please refrain from contacting us regarding the results. * For those who do not live close to Tokyo, we will make arrangements for auditions to take place near you once you get to the final stage of the screening process so donft worry and go ahead and apply.

EMAIL info@billionaireinc.jp

I want to send a fan letter to Mr. Bellissimo, but I donft know his address

3-14-31 Shimoochiai Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 161-0033 Japan

Billionaire Co. Ltd

* Please do not send food or drinks.


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