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Billionaire Inc. is a television production, consulting firm and cooking events agency headquartered in Tokyo.


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> Consulting

Producing Italian restaurants in Japan and overseas , collaborating with resorts and hotels, assisting companies’ product development, offering basic Italian cuisine knowledge to restaurant owners, providing business improvement consultations, providing customer service and upskilling training, producing menus and recovering underperforming restaurants.

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> Event & Promotion

Appearing in cooking shows, talk shows, dinner shows, lectures and seminars, as well as providing cuisine supervision in and out of Japan.

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> Mass Media

Appearing on domestic and foreign TV shows, magazines, radio programs, advertisements, commercials, sales, movies, promotion events.

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> Who is Francesco?

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Francesco Bellissimo

Cooking specialist, food critic, Italian cuisine consultant, Chairman of the Italian cuisine workshop, Italian olive oil sommelier association AISO sommelier.

From Rome, Italy. Known as a cooking specialist/celebrity chef who is “unafraid of the media”, he has made a plethora of appearances on TV, cooking shows, lectures, and cooking events. While protecting the integrity of his original Italian traditions, he aims to make new kinds of cuisine that are relevant to modern day and create new global standards. Francesco skillfully uses his experiences he gained in Japan, adding a variety of ideas from Asia in order to make Italian gourmet more widely accepted by the world. He works as a cultural bridge between Italy and Japan and continues to expand his repertoire in the business.

Francesco Bellissimo profile

For example: what is upskilling training?
● Aimed for people who were unable to train at an Italian restaurant for lack of time and other reasons.
● To learn cuisine that requires special skills and to acquire first class customer care services.
● To improve the restaurants’ dishes.
● For those who aim to attract customers by using social media.
● For those who aim for their restaurants to be featured in mass media.
● For those who want to better risk manage and aim for an overall business improvement.
● For those who are starting a restaurant business after becoming independent or reaching retirement.

Francesco Bellissimo Chef Promotion Video

Francesco Bellissimo Chef Official Promotion Video.

Dinner shows, cooking shows, talk shows etc

●E.g: Cuisine supervision by Bellissimo + Bellissimo’s cooking show at Akita Castle Hotel (five stars hotel)


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