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Billionaire Inc. is a television production, consulting firm and cooking events agency headquartered in Tokyo.


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Mass Media




+81-3-6893-7139 +81-3-3358-1954 info@billionaireinc.jp



Appearances on TV shows (Japan and abroad, magazines, radio shows, advertisements, commercials, product promotion/development/, promotion planning etc.

Example 1. Cooking Show(Live TV Broadcast )

Live Television broadcast / Cooking show at events




Example 2. Introducing recipes (Newspaper or magazine)

Introduce italian or special recipes in newspaper/magazine columns, introduce recommended restaurants



Example 3. Overseas travels with Bellissimo

Travels in Italy or abroad with Bellissimo


Example 4. Produce new products in collaboration with Bellissimo

Product development, product supervision, collaboration products



Esempio 5. Gourmet trip with Bellissimo (gourmet TV programs)

Bellissimo will recommend special Italian menus get the most out of... Promote local ingredients abroad, take trips to make new discoveries on food culture


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