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Francesco Bellissimo

Date of birth

3 january 1979

Profile Francesco Bellissimo is a cooking specialist, food critic, Italian cuisine consultant, Chairman of the Italian cuisine workshop, Italian olive oil sommelier. From Rome, Italy. Known as a cooking specialist/celebrity chef who is gunafraid of the mediah, he has made a plethora of appearances on TV, cooking shows, lectures, and cooking events. While protecting the integrity of his original Italian traditions, he aims to make new kinds of cuisine that are relevant to modern day and create new global standards. Francesco skillfully uses his experiences he gained in Japan, adding a variety of ideas from Asia in order to make Italian gourmet more widely accepted by the world. He works as a cultural bridge between Italy and Japan and continues to expand his repertoire in the business.
Birth place Rome (Italy)
Nazionality Italian
Height/Weith 182cm/82kg

Chest 105cm/ Waist 83cm/ Hips 96cm

Head Circumference 58cm/ Under Sleeves 62cm/ Sleeves 87cm/ Neck 40cm

Shoes Italian Size 42 (27cm)


Official Site http://www.bellissimoyoshi.net
Blog http://ameblo.jp/cucinabellissimo/
Twitter https://twitter.com/bellissimoyoshi
Instagram http://instagram.com/bellissimoyoshi
Tumblr http://bellissimoyoshi.tumblr.com/

Francesco Bellissimo Chef Promotion Video

Francesco Bellissimo Chef Official Promotion Video.


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